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Wednesday 09/10/14 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests: 5:am- Harmon Kaslow, producer of the new movie, "Who Is John Gault?:Atlas Shrugged 3", which opens this Friday; 5:40am- Ken Ivory from the American Lands Council; 6:am- Idaho U.S. Senator James Risch; 6:40am- Penni Cyr, president of the IEA; 7:am- Heidi Harris, radio talk show host; 8:am- Naghmeh Abedini who's trying to get her husband released from an Iranian jail. Read
Friday 09/05/14 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  6:am- John Wohlstetter, author and political commentator;  6:40am- Fox News reporter Kimberly Adams from Cairo, Egypt with the latest on Al-Qaida;  7:am- Ken Ivory, Utah state Representative and president of the American Lands Council;  7:40am- Fox News reporter Jeff Monosso about the Michigan teacher's union.
Thursday 07/31/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests: 6:am- Steve Ackerman, CEO of Competitive Edge Research; 7:am- Joy Karp, author of "The Power of Service"; 7:45am- Fox News reporter Jeff Monosso; 8:am- Local political strategist China Gum; 8:40am- Comedian Paula Poundstone.
Wednesday 07/09/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests: 7:am- Janalee Tobias, president and founder of Women Against Gun Control and author of "The Rasberry Man"; 8:am- Bob Dane, Communications Director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform; 8:40am- U.S. Senator Jim Risch of Idaho.
Tuesday 06/10/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests: 7:am- Heidi Harris, "Las Vegas' Radio Showgirl", joins Kevin for the entire hour to comment on current events; 8:am- Phil Hardy, consultant with Strategies 360, spends the hour with Kevin to discuss Idaho politics.
Monday 04/07/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Kevin took listener phone calls and reaction to news events which happened over the weekend. Guests included: Fox News reporter Emily Wither, who called-in a report about elections in Afghanistan; Andrew Propst who was kidnapped and held for ransom in Saratov, Russia while serving an LDS mission in 1998.
Thursday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Thursday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Thursday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Idaho U.S. Senator Mike Crapo called-in an update from Washington D.C. in the 6-o'clock hour. Ada County Commissioner Dave Case was in studio in the 7-o'clock hour. In the same hour, Allen and Kay Robertson from A & E's hit tv series Duck Dynasty spoke to Kevin by phone about their upcoming visit to the Idaho Center (March 29). Idaho U.S. Senator Jim Risch was Kevin's guest in the 8-o'clock ho

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