What is Idaho’s Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes?
Idaho and potatoes go hand in hand. Idaho brings in about $1 Billion per year through farming and agriculture around potatoes alone. Some of the ways Idahoans celebrate potatoes and how the gem state and other west coast states prefer to eat them.
New Zealand Just Beat Out Idaho in the Potato Department
Idaho is well known for it's potatoes. We have a potato hotel, a potato museum and the famous potato bowl. We even celebrate with a massive potato dropping from the sky on New Years Eve to bring in the new year. Yet a couple from New Zealand is making international headlines with some massive potato news. Ok, well maybe just a massive potato.
Potato: Friend or Foe?
We live in Idaho and home to the best potatoes in the world. We have the potato bowl, the giant potato truck and our license plates proudly state 'Famous Potatoes.'