It’s official. Aquaman 2 is officially happening and headed to theaters in a couple years. All together now: YEAYUHH!

Warner Bros. has announced that Aquaman 2 will arrive in theaters in time for the 2022 Christmas holiday, roughly four years to the day of the original movie’s release:

That’s no typo; Aquaman made more than $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing movie to date based on a DC Comics property — bigger than every Batman or Superman movie in history, at least before you adjust their box office totals for inflation. Its success is even more surprising given that several of the movies that preceded and teased it, including the Justice League film, were significant box-office disappointments. Who needs the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel when you have a guy who swims really well, I guess?

You can expect to see Jason Momoa back in the sequel. At this point, however, it is not confirmed whether he will be joined by director James Wan. There is also a spinoff, about “The Trench” (those creepy water monsters who appeared in the film), that is supposedly in development at Warners as well. A whole cinematic Aquaverse!

So mark your calendar, my mans, for Aquaman 2. In 2022, we all celebrate Christmas in Atlantis.

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