After months of speculation that Avengers: Endgame would be a three hour movie, it seems all but officially confirmed now. After a runtime of 182 minutes appeared on AMC Theatres’ website, that number was later on Twitter shared by ticket seller Fandango.

According to a contact I have in the theater world, they’d heard the same number: 182 minutes. Over three hours. Which, for those keeping score at home, would make Endgame the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie by a pretty wide margin. The previous longest MCU movie was Avengers: Infinity War, which ran a heft 149 minutes. If these reports are correct, Endgame is longer by a full half an hour. 

Endgame director Joe Russo had previously said in a Q&A that they had the movie running “right around three hours” in the editing room. But the editing room is exactly where runtimes get shortened, especially for big mainstream blockbusters looking to pack in as many summer moviegoers as humanly possible. In this case, though, it seems like the filmmakers couldn’t (or just didn’t want to) figure out a way to cut down the big finale to the MCU to date. But, hey if you’re wrapping a bow around ten years of movies, you probably need a fair amount of time. Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26.

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