After years of gathering signatures, holding rallies, and lobbying politicians, Constitutional Carry will now be voted on by the Idaho Senate.  The vote was 6-3 in favor of moving the bill to the Senate Floor for a vote.  On one side, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, while on the other side featured  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America.    In the end, it was the proponents of the Second Amendment that prevailed despite opposition from several concerned citizens.  Hannah Sharp, a volunteer with the Idaho Moms Chapter, expressed her fear about Senate Bill 1389 in a written statement. "If signed into law, SB 1389 would dismantle our current system and put Idahoans at risk, including law enforcement officers who risk their safety to protect us."

Boise Police Chief Bill Bones shared his concerns about the law as reported in the Idaho Statesman.  Chief Bones told the panel that he's never seen anyone commit an offense who opened carried, it was those who concealed carried that committed the crimes.  Chief Bones, Meridian Police Chief Jeff Lavey and Garden City Police Chief Rick Allen wrote an editorial against SB 1389 that was published in the Idaho Statesman.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance's Greg Pruett told us he motivated by today's vote.  "I'm excited for the hearing and that it passed. We feel confident it will pass the Senate."