You read that correctly - Idaho is one of the most drug-free states in America. While most of us who are innocent-minded would immediately think: "Well, duh! This is the Treasure Valley - nothing like that would go down in Idaho."

Others might think there's a bigger problem than we realize with our proximity to states where certain drugs are illegal.

Top 5 in the Country

A report from WalletHub revealed the states with the highest drug use and they based their findings on various metrics "ranging from arrest and overdose rates to opioid prescriptions and employee drug testing laws."

New Mexico came in first as the state with the highest drug use with West Virginia coming in second (we didn't see that one coming). To no one's surprise, Hawaii was at the bottom of the list AKA the state with the smallest drug problem.

Idaho, surprisingly, ranked in the top five in the country which might surprise some people given all the talk about Oregon's drugs making their way into Idaho. There's even the Greater Idaho movement which proposes extending Idaho's western borders further into Oregon to combat this supposed drug problem.

Let's look at the data from WalletHub and see how Idaho ranks compared to other states.

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That should somewhat ease the concerns of anyone worried about a drug problem in Idaho. As for those who partake in the dark arts, be careful where you apply for work - especially in Idaho.

We're drug-free baby and companies don't mess around when it comes to the hiring process. Let's look at the top companies that will drug test you before hiring you in Idaho...

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