The world is already a pretty crazy place and that's what makes the latest warning from police in Caldwell even more bizarre.

The warning stems from an arrest made inside of a Walmart.

No matter what it is, you can't just whip it out

Look - we get it, people have things going on and in some cases, mental health can cause someone to do something they otherwise wouldn't. Regardless of that, if you do something like whip out your private parts in the middle of the women's department of a Walmart, you're going to be met with consequences.

That's exactly what happened in Caldwell as police are warning the public to be aware of their surroundings:

"This week we received a call from an employee at Walmart on Cleveland Boulevard reporting that a man was in the women’s department of the store and was exposing himself to women," Caldwell police shared in a Facebook post.

"Officers responded quickly and were able to detain 26-year-old Martin Chavez Zapata.
Chavez Zapata was taken into custody without incident."

They reminded us in the post that "harassment comes in many forms" and unfortunately, this instance of harassment involved someone exposing themselves to innocent bystanders who are just trying to do some shopping.

Let this serve as a reminder, especially if you have kids, always to remain vigilant when you're out and about. If you're heading to your car, have your keys ready, and if possible, hold your child's hand.

These sound like simple reminders, but even we must remind ourselves that inappropriate behavior can happen anywhere, anytime... no matter the reason.

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