There is something captivating about ghost towns - the mystery, the abandoned buildings, and of course, finding out what happened to force an entire town to leave.

Do you know about American Falls, Idaho?

American Falls is located about 3 hours from Boise and features one of the most unusual ghost towns in the country and certainly in Idaho. According to the website for Power County, the town was forced to move in 1927 when "the American Falls Dam was completed by the Bureau of Reclamation, creating the largest of what would be six major water storage facilities along the Snake River."

The result is an exploration that is unlike any other and if you didn't know any better, you might drive by and not even notice it.

Let's take a look into Idaho's only underwater ghost town...

This Idaho Ghost Town Is Unusual For One Wet Reason...

An entire town had a choice... move or get submerged underwater.

We don't recommend camping out at American Falls, plus - there is really no benefit to doing so. However, we did find a ghost town in Idaho where you can set up shop for the night. The best part? You won't break the bank because it costs less than $10 a month to stay there. Would you do it?

Camp In One of Idaho's Eerie Ghost Towns For Under $10 a Night

The ghost town of Gilmore is located about 18 minutes from the tiny town of Leadore. Thanks to Hipcamp host, Jon, you can actually rent a campsite inside the deserted town!

Idaho is home to quite a few ghost towns and some of them are downright creepy. One of them is even named Bonanza and if you know your pop culture, you'll understand the dark dichotomy behind that. How many of these ghost towns have you explored? Would you dare explore any of them today?

Visit 8 of Idaho's Creepiest Ghost Towns, At Your Own Risk

These Idaho ghost towns are full of history, but are spooky enough to give even the strongest of heart the heebie jeebies.

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