The first line of the property overview on realtor is "the pinnacle of luxury urban living at The Aspen Lofts." 

But is it worth the money? You decide. 

Let's tell you more about this property so you can come up with your own conclusion. This property is a studio, that's right, no bedroom. The lofts were built in 2009 and listed on September 13, 2010, for $99,000. The condo is only 581 sqft, with the living room being 225 sqft. The kitchen is 66 sqft, and then there's the rest of the space. 

The realtor did a great job focusing on this condo's great things. 

The realtor described the studio as "his luxe studio blends industrial chic and post-modern design into a pared-down floorplan that extends up and out through beautifully tall ceilings and panes of glass that elevate the incredible downtown experience." There's no doubt that this condo is impressive, but for the price? 

What's the price of this 581 sqft studio in The Aspen Lofts? 

The studio just hit the market for under $550,000 and is listed for $548,000. The HOA fees are $204 a month, and wait until you see the pet area. Your dog is going to love this space (insert sarcasm here). Yes, the condo is updated, has 10 ft windows that create a "cinematic experience," and is conveniently located downtown, but for $548,000? 

$548,000 will also get you a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom single family home with over 1,500 sqft on a lot that could be more than 8,000 sqft. 

Are you ready to see this condo? Then you can decide if it's worth the money. 

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