In an unexpected twist for the Los Angeles Chargers, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has not been tapped for the interim head coaching position following Brandon Staley's departure. Despite Moore's celebrated tenure at Boise State and a notable stint as the offensive coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys and the Chargers, the organization has chosen a different direction in this crucial time of transition.  Instead, it will be Defensive Assistant Giff Smith running the show for Los Angeles.

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Moore, known for his sharp, offensive mind and strategic approach, seemed a prime candidate for elevation. He left an indelible mark at Boise State, setting NCAA records and captivating fans. His legacy as a player was remarkable, and his name is synonymous with college football excellence. When he transitioned into coaching, there was a sense that his football intelligence would inevitably see him rise to a head coaching position.

Moore's arrival at the Chargers was filled with high anticipation. Given a downturn under Staley's leadership, many believed that Moore's presence on the coaching staff might be the solution should a mid-season change occur. However, the Chargers have declined to promote Moore in the interim, maybe because of the team's performance that failed to reach the heights of his results with the Cowboys, as reflected in the Chargers' middle-of-the-pack rankings in both scoring and yards.

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Keeping Moore focused on the offense could be beneficial, saving his expertise for the area where it is most effective without the added pressure of head coaching duties. His name has already been circulating in association with other potential opportunities. This does make you question if Boise State made the right hire when Kellen Moore may have been available to them for next season.

Fans and observers might question the Chargers' decision to pass over Moore. Despite his proven credentials and potential, the Chargers are exploring other options to guide the team forward. Moore may still be on track for a head coach role, but he'll have to wait a little longer for his shot.

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