We're all pretty much aware that Boise and Idaho in general are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. From companies looking for markets to get in early to people looking to escape the politics of their state, there are countless reasons why people are moving to the Gem State.

And locals are HEATED...

According to data from WorldPopulationReview.com, Idaho is among the top states when it comes to population growth. How high does Idaho rank? Brace yourself...


WorldPopulationReview.com says that Idaho has grown 22.52% since 2010 which is only behind Utah (who would've thought?). If you happened to be driving through southwest Boise recently, on S. Maple Grove in particular, you may have noticed a certain sign at the intersection of W. Desert Ave. and S. Maple Grove.

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

There are a few apartments that look to be popping up in the area and with the massive complex at S. Maple Grove and Lake Hazel, it's easy to see why property companies are drawn to the area.

The particular person who had this sign up in the photo was taking signatures for a petition up the road. It's been a bit since this photo was taken and they haven't been spotted in the last few days but the spirit behind the sign still lingers around the Treasure Valley.

We've talked before about how people are looking to move out of Idaho because of the rising housing costs, but sometimes it's beyond the cost of living. It's not always about "transplants." Sometimes the growth people are referring to is the amount of construction and corporations moving into the Treasure Valley.

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

For some people, like the person behind this petition, it's about preserving what makes Idaho... well, Idaho: Independent and America's best-kept secret.

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