First off, let it be known - we think Denny's is delicious. Their Grand Slam Breakfast is a national treasure and we're simply sharing the votes of the people. As we all know, the people of the Treasure Valley aren't shy when it comes to their true feelings about places for food and drinks -- they can also be brutally honest when it comes to determining the "sketchiest bar in the Treasure Valley."

What makes a bar sketchy and where is this coming from?

One word: Reddit.

Boise Reddit is one of the spiciest places on the internet and there is no shortage of posts that stir the pot a little bit. One of those posts came from Reddit user u/Adorable-Bus-2687 who asked the question:

What is the sketchiest bar in the Treasure Valley ?
by u/Adorable-Bus-2687 in Boise

People shared their responses and quite a few were named but, only three racked up a noticeable amount of upvotes that makes the case for a top three ranking of the "sketchiest bars in the Treasure Valley." Reasons in the comments ranged from drugs being sold there to the number of times cops are allegedly called to the area.

Here are the sketchiest bars in the Treasure Valley according to the people of Boise.

Do You Agree With Boise's Pick For The "Top 3 Sketchiest Treasure Valley Bars"?

Reddit users voted on which bar they deemed the "sketchiest in the Treasure Valley." Here are their picks...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Look - it's okay! Some people call them "sketchy", we say they're "happening." If you don't feel good about going to those spots, that's totally okay! Here are some of the best bars in the Boise area according to reviews. How many of these spots have you enjoyed a beverage at?

The Top 10 Best Bars in the Boise Area According To You

Let's take a look at the ten best bars in the Boise area based on Google reviews, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Perhaps you're an early bird and like to get the party going early, no worries! We have you covered. What can we say? Some of us like to go to bed early!

Bars in the Treasure Valley That Open Early

I've put together a list of bars that open at 10:00 am MT today (Thursday, 3/16) with the help of Yelp narrowing down my categories. I searched all bars that open at 10:00 am and have TVs. I went ahead and added bars that open at 11:00 am as well.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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