Michael Mann’s 1995 film, Heat, became an instant classic, pairing up two of the iconic actors of their generation — Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino — in a gritty heist flick that gained critical acclaim. Now it looks as though Mann is set to revisit the Heat world, but in novel form.

The director had previously spoken about doing so a few years back, but revealed via a tweet that the project is actually moving forward and is on schedule for a 2020 release.

Mann was hyping the One Heat Minute podcast, who were set to have author Reed Farrel Coleman as a guest. In his tweet, Mann stated that Coleman is co-writing the Heat novel with him and that it’s expected to arrive via Harper Collins next year.

At this point, little is known about the story, other than it’s expected to be a prequel of the events that happened in the film. Mann launched his Michael Mann Books company back in 2016, with rumor of a Heat-centric title soon surfacing.

In the 1995 film, DeNiro leads a group of bank robbers, with Pacino starring as the grizzled cop hot on their trail as the heist and its aftermath begin to unravel.

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