Even though several states have legalized marijuana, it hasn't stop the continued effort to transport the illegal version to the other states where the drug is illegal.  Marijuana may be legal in 12 states, but Texas isn't one of them. This bit of information may have gotten by a Houston driver caught with enough marijuana to stock a dispensary, reports ABC13. The ill-fated traffic stop occurred Monday on the Gulf Freeway after Harris County Deputy T. Brinkley clocked the motorist speeding.

According to his report, Brinkley "smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside." Although the driver refused to allow his car to be searched, a K-9 conducted what's called "a free air sniff" outside of the vehicle, which give deputies probable cause to search it. Inside, they found 150 pounds of weed, dozens of THC candies, a loaded 9mm handgun and a "large amount" of cash, according to Brinkley's report. Needless to say, the driver was taken into custody and charges are pending.

Which begs the following questions to everyone in states like Idaho where marijuana is illegal.  Does it seem fair that people in some states can go to jail for marijuana, while it's legal in other states? If you smoke pot, would it be worth driving to a neighboring legal state just to get some? Isn't it time for the federal government to enforce federal law against recreational marijuana?

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