Wanna Affordable Getaway?
It's the start of the new year and most of us are back at the grindstone.  One of the many motivators to get most folks through the day is planning that next big or not so big vacation.  One airline has fired the first shots that many hope will start an air rate war that will make it …
The Look of Freedom
Iran has vowed revenge on the United States military while President Donald Trump has continued to warn them that we will retaliate if any harm comes to any American.
Idaho Legislative Wish List
The Idaho Legislature kicked off its annual session with the Governor's State of the State speech.  The highlights from Governor Little's speech were unique for a Governor of the reddest of the red states.  Education funding, healthcare funding, prison reform and other issues tha…
Why Boise Booted Bieter
His arrogance allowed two ballot initiatives to be on the same ballot as his reelection. Boise voters who did not want to pay for a new library and stadium also had the opportunity to send Bieter home.

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