The first week in July is a day when most Idahoans look forward to the new laws passed by the legislature going into effect. For some, it could be good news, and for others, it could be bad news. Idaho has been in the national spotlight recently for a few of its laws: the Defense of Life Act and the Library Act. The first was challenged by the Biden Administration, and the second saw several librarians protest the law's implementation.

One law that has many faith-based traditional values of Idahoans singing the praises of the legislature is the end of online pornography as we know it in the Gem State. Officially, it's called LIABILITY FOR PUBLISHERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF MATERIAL HARMFUL TO MINORS ON THE INTERNET. This law requires pornographers to implement age verification measures on their websites, effectively making it more difficult for minors to access online pornography.

The new law requires pornographers to age verification before they can use the site. Many major media outlets have reported on the public statements by one pornographer who refused to comply with the law and has left the state. (One has to wonder if children were not accessing illegal porn, why do they have a problem with the law?)

The pornographers say that age verification is too demanding and have left the Gem State along with others like Montana and Utah. If you click on the site you'll see a video message along with texts describing why they're leaving Idaho and urging folks to call their public servants to demand the return of online porn.

"Until a real solution is offered, we have made the difficult decision to completely disable access to our website in Idaho."

While most media outlets may focus on one side of the story, it's important to recognize that the new law is a success for many family-friendly traditional conservative Idahoans. They have long worried about the negative influence of online pornography on their kids, and this law provides a sense of support for their concerns.

Many social scientists have said pornography has led to the dissolution of the family, sex trafficking, and other crimes against humanity.

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