For most Americans, July 3rd is the day before Independence Day. If you're new to Idaho, you may need to learn the significance of July 3rd to our state's history. Idaho's creation is linked to one of, if not America's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. 

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The great emancipator created the Idaho territory that would one day become the center of traditional American values. While many wondered about the country's future during the Civil War, Lincoln took time away from Generals Grant and Sherman to begin the very humble beginnings of the Gem State on March 4th, 1863.

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We've gathered a few interesting facts about Idaho from a few sources, such as Google, Bing, Idaho Historical Society, and the state government website. 

The state motto is "Esto Perpetua," from the Latin meaning "Be Eternal." Idaho is one of the larger states in the union, although one of the smallest in population. According to the last census, the total land area is 83,557 square miles, and the population is roughly under two million.


Idaho's first state capitol was in Lewiston, but later moved to Boise after a few years. According to published reports, most of the state's population was not in the south, where it is today, but in the north and west. 

Idaho's first governor was William H. Wallace, who President Lincoln selected to govern the new territory. The legislature moved the capitol to Boise in 1864. 

As most states celebrate our nation's Independence on July 4th, every Idahoan, near and far, should take the time to celebrate Idaho's admission into the union on July 3rd, 1890. 

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