Regardless of your political preferences, one factor continues to impact all Americans. The one-word answer to what's hurting the folks from Idaho to Iowa is inflation. The cost of goods has risen exponentially in the last four years thanks to the Joe Biden Administration's Bidenomics.

How Much Have Food Prices Risen in Four Years?

You don't have to be a Nobel-winning economist to realize fast food was affordable four years ago, and now the costs are out of control. Idahoans have opined on talk radio and social media how painful it is to shop at their favorite grocery store for basic food needs.


Let's start with eggs. According to Yahoo Finance, the cost of eggs has risen 54% in the last four years. Some folks have begun raising their own chickens so their families can eat eggs.

Here's a sneak peek at how much more you're paying for food at the store. "Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter also saw major price hikes over the past 3.5 years. Milk increased 36%, with a $3 gallon now costing $4.08 on average. Cheese and butter prices jumped around 30% over that period.

The price of cereals and bakery products, like bread, rolls, crackers and cookies, wasn't far behind — rising around 28% since November 2020. So a $4 box of cereal back then would now cost you about $5.12 on average."

Turning Back the Clock To 1974

We may not be Cher and can turn back time, but one local restaurant owner is bringing back the most affordable food in America for four hours on July 4th. In other words, one restaurant will wipe away fifty years of inflation for four hours in Nampa, Idaho. The restaurant's price drop is a thank you for fifty years of serving the community.

Were you alive in 1974? Do you remember what it costs for an excellent breakfast or lunch? 


Buy A Cup of Coffee
YOUTUBE/black Rifle coffee

The cost of a cup of coffee was twenty-five cents. Can you buy a straw for twenty-five cents at a coffee shop today?

Soda/Iced Tea

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Do you remember a diet drink called Tab? It was Diet Coke before Diet Coke. In 1974, you'd pay forty cents if you ordered a soda or iced tea.

Hot Cake with Syrup

rez-art/Thinkstock Images
rez-art/Thinkstock Images

Who doesn't love pancakes and syrup? On July 4, you'll pay fifty-five cents for a mouth-watering dish. Remember, the prices are only good from 9 am-1 pm.

Meat, 2 Eggs, Hashbrowns and Toast

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Getty Images

What's the cheapest meal for a morning breakfast? It usually involves your choice of meat, two eggs, Idaho hashbrowns, and toast. You're generally paying eight dollars or more. LeBaron's charges one dollar and ninety cents.


Honker Burger with Fries 


Remember, these prices are only good for four hours, 9 am-1 pm, on July 4 at LeBaron's Honker Cafe in Nampa.

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