Although many Idahoans are taking summer break, whether it's the traditional one week off or a long vacation, next week, one must remember two very important dates. Idahoans will celebrate the day our state came into the union on July 3rd.

The Idaho Territory was Abraham Lincoln's dream. Who knows what our great state would've become without the great emancipator's vision? All Idahoans can be assured that President Lincoln is proud of the former territory that he created. We, too, should take pride in our rich history and the role our state played in shaping the nation.

Idaho became the forty-third state on July 3rd, 1890. President Benjamin Harrison visited the Gem State to make it official. Idahoans should take a moment to honor all those who dreamt and sacrificed to create the land we love today. For more details on the history of Gem State, click here.

Thursday is the nation's birthday, and millions of Americans will take the day off to enjoy fun, family, and fireworks. Others will work, hoping to earn commissions, snag great bargains, and participate in other recreational activities. Cities and individuals will set up their fireworks shows as kids marvel at the show, while homeowners will do their best to protect their four-legged furry family members from the loud sounds of fireworks exploding.

It's crucial to remember that our freedom was not a holiday discount. Patriots, from the Founding Fathers to those who serve today, have kept our liberties vibrant and alive. The past few years have been turbulent, but every American should take the time to acknowledge and be grateful for those in Idaho and America who made sacrifices for our great land of liberty.

God Bless America!

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