Thanks to you, our week at the Nampa Walmart on Garrity and Franklin is over. You have journeyed to our location for over ten years, bringing not just your donations but also your unwavering support and compassion to help aid those in need through the Boise Rescue Mission. 

Miller's Mission was created as a community awareness program during the Great Recession, a time when Idaho was not the national attraction it is today. Despite the high unemployment rates and economic collapse, our state saw many neighborhoods where one house was built, so we stood strong and continued our Mission. 

Idahoans couldn't afford a place to live without a government bailout. However, the Boise Rescue Mission, without government funding, continued its work of feeding the poor, providing shelter, and rehabilitating folks from drug use and abuse. 

I want to thank everyone who's prayed for Boise Rescue Ministries. The staff and supporters continue their work, saving lives and souls by sacrificing their time, efforts, and energy for the benefit of mankind. 

The spring edition of Miller's Mission was created to help spread awareness of the need to help the Boise Rescue Mission during the spring and summer months. The need increases during these months as women and children find the courage to leave abusive relationships once the weather changes. 

Charitable giving is top of mind during the fall and winter months. Thousands of dollars and perhaps millions of dollars are raised before and after Christmas. The need continues all year round. Thank you if you've given; if not, please consider making an online donation here. 

Miller's Mission

A look back at the first 10 years of Miller's Mission

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER


Over ten years of charitable giving to the Boise Rescue Mission

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Miller's Mission Concludes in Nampa, Idaho

A powerful week of giving concludes commemorating 10 years of Miller's Mission benefitting the Boise Rescue Mission. Give a Turkey, Don't be a Turkey.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

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