They're loud, annoying and they leave a lot of poop everywhere!  This well known menace to our society is not unique to Idaho.  However, one Western City is trending worldwide due to their one of a kind solution to those troublesome feathered agravaters.  Denver is rounding up problem-causing Geese -- to eat them, reports the Denver Channel.   Denver, like the Treasure Valley, has two problems: 1) There are way too many geese in the city, destroying crops, attacking humans and leaving disease-infested droppings everywhere. 2) There isn't enough money in the city's budget to buy enough food to feed the area's needy families.

The solution, it goes without saying, is clear. Feed the people goose. "We get so many complaints about people coming out here with a blanket to sit on the grass, and they cannot sit on the grass because there's so much goose poop in the parks," says Denver Parks and Rec rep Scott Gilmore.

During June and July molting season, geese can't fly -- making it a perfect time to catch them. The USDA is helping round them up and will make sure the meat is suitable for consumption before serving the goose cuisine to residents, Gilmore says.  Could imagine our city in the Treasure Valley or throughout Idaho adopting the same type of program?   What is it about this program that seems a little weird?   Would you eat goose meat?


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