When you're a parent... it's all about the kids.  Teaching them the right things, homework, dating, money management, etc, etc, etc.  One of the pleasures is watching them play sports.  But what happens when your kid and his/her team doesn't have anywhere to play?  I'll tell you what happens.  You drop $3 million and create a place for them to play.

That's exactly what Klint Keller, CEO of Priceline.com is doing with his three brothers.  Instead of complaining about Nampa being one the largest cities in Idaho and still no Youth Sports Center, they're doing something about it.  They're building an incredible $3 million facility that'll be called Mettle Sports.

Here are the specifics on what you'll find at Mettle Sports...

  • 33,000 Square Feet
  • Four Full-Sized Basketball Courts
  • Dance Studio
  • Speed and Agility Center

The complex had a groundbreaking ceremony last Friday so this thing is up and running.  It'll be located at 3001 E. Badger Drive, north of East Railroad Street in Nampa and is expected to open this Fall.  Yeah, you heard that right.  Fall of 2019.

East Idaho News reported that Cap Ed Credit Union is backing this project with a line of credit and funds for expenses will be generated through different sports teams reserving space for training and practice.

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