What's going on?

Garth Brooks Features Boise In Music Video
Remember that warm summer day when the all time attendance record was broken at Albertson's stadium by you and 79,999 other screaming country music fans who came to see the man, the myth, the legend... Garth Brooks.
We’re All Rubbing Bacteria On Our Faces Daily
And maybe it's better with the dryer climate in Boise? Scientists have figured out the limit of how many times you should use a towel before washing it and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty gross.
Red Lobster Isn’t Making A Big Change
One of the great things about America is our access to unlimited! Unlimited wifi, unlimited re-fills, never ending pasta, chips and salsa, you get the idea. Now do we always need unlimited versions of everything? Probably not. Red Lobster has thought this through and is making a big change that is h…
Aaron Paul Endorses Paulette Jordan
Could the race for the Senate lead to a visit to Idaho from President Donald Trump? The president has expressed his support for the senator in the past. Idaho is one of the few states that hasn't had a presidential visit yet.
Another State Moves To Legalize The Weed
The bill would drop the penalty for small scale possession to $50, which would be a big shift. Currently, if you’re found with even a tiny amount of marijuana, you can be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail and forced to pay a $500 fine.
Why The New Hampshire Primary Matters
Does anyone ever get to question a candidate running for state office in bigger states like California and New York? It's about big money ad buys at that level. The people are removed from the process.
Two Thirds Of Idaho Adults Overweight
When you think of Idaho you don't necessarily think of an overweight state, yes there are the potato jokes and of course the confusion with Iowa and sometimes Ohio but overweight is not really a thing.
Fat 2 Back: Secrets of Meal Prep
Experts say commitment is a big part of losing weight. I humbly admit that I've needed the folks mentioned above who continued to encourage me. I hope to be an example to encourage others. We're all in this together.