A million dollars is a significant sum. A billion dollars is an astronomical figure. But when we talk about six billion dollars, we're entering a whole new realm of wealth. This is the staggering amount that Micron has received as a 'gift' from the federal government, a fact that's making national headlines.

It's important to note that this money isn't coming from some hidden reserve or a windfall of unexpected revenue. It's coming directly from the pockets of Idaho and American taxpayers, a fact that should make us all pause and question the wisdom of this decision. 

American business and our economic system are called capitalism. Businesses rise and fall based on their efforts and supply and demand. Micron's Boise amounts to socialized business or corporate welfare, where the government picks winners and losers.

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If you'd like to live in the fantasy world of fairy dust, unicorns, and rainbows, then you'll believe the propaganda from the Biden Administration, the Boise Mayor's Office, the state of Idaho, and Micron. The 'free money' is part of the Chips and Science Act passed by Congress, which aims to bring back microchip production from Tawain. 

The promise of a booming economy sounds enticing, with the six billion dollars from Micron's project set to ripple through the construction, support staff, and other businesses in the area.

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But let's not forget the stark contrast between this grand endeavor and the daily struggles of local workers and taxpayers. The money isn't magically appearing out of thin air, it's coming directly from the pockets of Idaho and American taxpayers, who are already burdened with their own financial responsibilities. 

Micron was once the beacon of employment in Idaho. However, the years of layoffs, American workers being replaced by others from other countries, the influx of short-term contract workers, and the stock tanking have left a bitter taste for most Idahoans. The once-thriving community is now grappling with the aftermath of Micron's actions. 

American business was booming because no government bailouts existed for the great corporations that built this country. It's a shame that we'll all be paying for Micron's Boise boondoggle without any return on our taxpayer-funded investment. The lack of accountability and transparency in this matter is deeply disheartening. 

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