There are winners, there are losers and then there's this Boise based company that will be getting a whopping six-billion-dollar paycheck from taxpayers and President Joe Biden. 

The business, crucial to our national security, is being funded by our government to manufacture their vital products in America. Currently, these goods are produced in Taiwan. The concern with Taiwan is its potential future under the control of the Communist Chinese Government, which could significantly impact our national security. 

Boise Mayor Praises Joe Biden

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If China takes over Tawain, it will inhibit our country's ability to process technology and just about every modern convenience. Although, it is very rare, unless it's the auto industry, the United States government rarely bails out private businesses. 

Idaho's congressional delegation voted against the bill, but it was passed due to Democrats wanting to spend your money. The six-billion-dollar project is not just a number, it's a potential game-changer for our state.

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It's expected to be so massive that local cities, counties, and private developers fear all the state's labor will be consumed by this project, leaving other sectors struggling to find workers. 

Construction Workers
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The cost of construction in Idaho has been on the rise, primarily due to the increasing costs of goods and a limited labor market. These factors have led to a significant increase in the overall cost of building, which could have implications for future projects in the state. 

Have you determined which Boise business is getting the billions from President Joe Biden? Is it Boise State? No. Is it Simplot? No. The business that will be enriched by Joe Biden's billions is Micron. Do you agree with the move? Let us know what you think! 

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