Regardless of our age, this happens to all of us. It turns an ordinary day into a distraction until the issue is resolved. No matter how well we plan to avoid this frustration, it happens to all of us, and there is never a good time for it to happen. 

We're describing what happens when you lose your keys, wallet, phone, or anything else that matters. How many of us take those important items that we can't live without for granted? 

Turn Off This Iphone Feature To Save Money
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We live in a world where technology solves most of our problems. Is there a tech answer for losing essential items? Apple, the company that solves all our problems, created the 'Air Tags.'

What Are Air Tags?

Apple states that the device is 'super easy' to use and helps folks find those pesky items that we all happen to lose too often. You place the 'tag' on whatever you'd like to keep track of and if you'll be able to find it through an app. Android users are not eligible for air tags. One young man worried the device could be used for nefarious purposes. He continued to tell us that he installed a device on his phone to alert him to Air Tags while on a trip to Disney Land. 

Police Issue Dire Warning On Abuse Of Air Tags

Apple issued guidelines on unwanted tracking and you can read their suggestions here. Police in our neighboring state of Washington issued a warning involving stalkers using the devices to track victims. Fox 13 reports that Renton Police say they are investigating two incidents where alleged criminals put devices on cars to track their victims. 





We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.


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