Whether it's a blog, a broadcast, a newspaper, or a radio report, we keep hearing that car human car driving is a thing of the past.  Futurists predict that computers will take over the frustration of being stuck in traffic, (thanks Idaho Transportation Department), stuck in the endless maze of road construction, (thank Ada County Highway Department), and other joys of driving to your favorite destination.  Although we don't know if these same futurists are descendants of the same folks who said we'd be using rocket packs and flying cars by the year 2015. If you think Elon Musk and Tesla have a corner on the self driving car market, you'd be mistaken.  The same company that brought you the Macintosh Computer and the Iphone among other innovations, is now getting into the self driving car business.   We all knew it was just a matter of time before Apple got into the self-driving car business, so Tuesday's announcement that the iPhone maker purchased start-up Drive.ai came as no surprise.

The actual purchase price has not been confirmed, but according to data from Pitchbook, Drive.ai had raised $77 million in venture capital at a $200 million valuation. A report by Axios says that Apple has hired dozens of Drive.ai engineers and had purchased the start-up’s cars and other assets.   Which begs the following questions:  With the combined resources of Apple and the engineers from Drive.ai, what does the future look like for this arm of the tech giant?  What innovative ideas will come from Apple that sets them apart from others in this sector?  Will this threaten Google and Tesla's plans for world domination?

Hopefully self driving cars won't have to worry about buffering!


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