From the outside, California Governor Gavin Newsom looks like the perfect Democratic presidential candidate. The governor has political experience and savvy. He has no problem taking on Republican governors or Sean Hannity. 

Governor Newsom has become so popular that he frequently travels the country promoting the liberal Democratic agenda. He was recently on Meet the Press touting President Biden's accomplishments. The president has failed to make the case, and Newsom's popularity has sparked rumors that he could replace the president during the Democratic convention this summer.

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However, all is not well in the Golden State. Thousands of Californians have fled their homeland to states like Idaho, Florida, and Texas. Governor Newsom has survived a recall attempt, but now it looks like there's another attempt to remove him from office. 

In addition to folks leaving the state, excessive crime rates, a massive budget deficit, and lowering property values are a few reasons for another recall attempt.

The Los Angeles Times reports the group Rescue California will launch another recall effort to give Governor Newsom the boot. The group tried to get him in 2021. 


The organizers must get twelve percent of the folks who voted in the last gubernatorial election. They will have sixty days to collect the required signatures that will have to be verified by the state.

Rescue California tells the Los Angeles Times that their past efforts and resources will help them to quickly gain the number of signatures for another statewide recall attempt. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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