Is Idaho facing a challenge with noncitizens participating in state elections? In a proactive move, the state has taken decisive action to prevent anyone who isn't an American from casting a vote, demonstrating its commitment to election integrity.

In a move that will silence his Conservative critics and fire up the pro-amnesty crowd, Idaho Governor Brad Little signed an executive prohibiting illegal immigrants from voting in the Gem State. The Governor has become the first governor in the nation to issue such orders.

The executive order titled ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act is designed to protect Idahoans from unauthorized voters gaining ballot access. California and other Western States have had election issues where some counties and cities have allowed illegal migrants to vote. Per the United States Constitution, only American citizens can vote in elections.

The Governor explained his decision in a written news release:

"Idaho already has the most secure elections in the nation, and we're going to keep it that way. My executive order – the ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE Act – directs Secretary of State Phil McGrane to work with local county clerks to scrub our voter rolls and make sure Idaho's elections do not fall prey to the consequences of Biden's lawless open border."

Election integrity has been a central issue in the national discussion since the controversial 2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Idaho is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to ensure election integrity. The Secretary of State will soon begin the process of validating voter rolls to prevent noncitizens from voting. In a significant step, Idaho will be working closely with the Department of Homeland Security to verify citizenship before the crucial November election.

State agencies will not provide voter information to noncitizens. Mike Lindell challenged voter integrity in Idaho. His challenges were dismissed, and the state is charging him for their legal costs.

We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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