Gavin Newsom has really blown it this time. The California governor, along with his henchmen in the legislature, arrogantly raised the minimum wage of fast food workers. The liberals proudly proclaimed that the new minimum wage, at least twenty dollars an hour, would allow workers to live like the people they serve. They called it a livable wage.

For most Americans, a fast food job as a teenager was their first step into the labor market. Fast food jobs have been a perfect fit for side hustles, seniors, and others who have pursued the industry as a profession. California's new wage mandate has destroyed those stepping stones forever, leaving many without a path to enter the workforce.

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California's fast food industry is crashing and burning. Franchises and local owners are closing their establishments for one primary reason: the wage increase is destroying their ability to employ workers.

California restaurants have substituted humans for robots to create burgers and other consumable items. The situation is so bad that several local and national brands have simply closed their doors, says Fox Business.

In December, Southern California Pizza Co. announced layoffs of around  841 drivers across the state. The moves will impact Pizza Hut locations in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties.

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It's not just California, where technology has replaced humans. (Do you remember the first time you used a self-checkout at your favorite supermarket or when checking into an airline?) 

Walk into many fast food restaurants today, and you won't be greeted by a person, but by a giant screen where you place your order, pay, and receive a number. The human touch is being replaced by technology, a sign of the industry's struggle to adapt to the new wage mandate.  

Managers in the fast food industry are facing a common problem-working without a full complement of shift workers, especially on the weekends. The Job is tough, and these workers, often young and inexperienced, have to endure a lot of verbal abuse. This is the harsh reality of the fast food industry in California today. 

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