It's snowing in Idaho, and today, schools have been called off due to weather conditions. Although a lot has changed when most of us were kids, do you remember listening to the radio to see if your school was closed? Parents, grandparents, and anyone with kids, grand kids, or who loves kids has the challenge of what you do with them when school is called off in Idaho.

It may drive some of us crazy that school is called off, and then we see big and small kids at that mall, restaurants, or other public places. We often wonder, gee, why aren't they in school if they can make it to the mall? Some of us also wonder if making the most of a snow day is possible.

The Treasure Valley hasn't had a lot of snow days in the past few years. A day off from school is great for kids but a challenge for parents who must go to work. Some parents will take the day off due to a lack of childcare and having younger kids.

Unlike the old days, parents have a lot of choices on what to do with their kids. The old days of kids spending hours watching daytime soap operas on television are over. Homes have been transformed into modern-day libraries, arcades, and online communities.

However, if you're looking for some fun, easy, and safe ideas on what to do with your kids in the snow, check out the list we've compiled for you.

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