If You See a Scarf on a Tree, Here's What it Means
If you see a scarf hanging on a tree outside around Boise, or even inside the mall on one of those Christmas trees, it's no accident.

There's meaning behind the scarves left lying around town, and those who find them "fitting" can keep them.
Monday 02/09/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Today's guests:  6:am - Phae Moore from the National Center for the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud; 6:40am - Fox News reporter Jared Halpern on the U.S. response to ISIS;  7:am - Local financial planner and radio talk show host, Dave Petso;  7:40am - Eben Brown of Fox News reports from the tri…
Kevin Millers Mission – Day 1
580 KIDOs Kevin Miller kicked off the Kevin Millers Mission at the Wal-Mart on Franklin Rd. and Garrity Blvd. this icy morning. Two turkeys were donated within the first frosty 15 minutes, and the giving didn't stop there. Soon came over $100 in cash donations, twelve turkeys, wool socks and mo…