Minimum Wage

Wednesday 03/26/14 – Kevin Miller Podcast
Today's guests included: Frank Ahearn, privacy Expert and author of the book, "How to Disappear" ;  Allen and Kay Robertson, co-stars of A & E's hit reality tv show "Duck Dynasty" who are coming to the Idaho Center March 29th along woth the …
Wednesday – Kevin Miller Podcast
State Senator Fred Martin called Kevin during the 7-o'clock hour to talk about current and possible legislation concerning education, health and welfare and commerce in Idaho. Fox News reporters Emily Wither and Jeff Monosso called in reports about Iranian nukes and bit coins, respectively.
Tuesday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna joined Kevin in studio in the 7-o'clock hour. State Democratic Representative Mat Erpelding called in a legislative update. State Republican Senator Russ Fulcher called in the 8-o'clock hour to share the latest in his campaign for Idaho G…
Monday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Local financial planner and radio talk show host Dave Petso discussed business and economic issues with Kevin during the 7-o'clock hour.. Fox News reporter Simon Owen called from Sochi and Jennifer Keiper called in a report about the latest automotive news.
Monday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Guests today were local Obamacare expert Steve Ackerman, financial expert Dave Petso, Doug Raper from Wish Granters and Fox News reporters Mike Majchrowitz and Jennifer Keiper.