Roger Goodell

Kevin Miller Hotlist
You would think that the NFL controls our economy and our national destiny; the way the media continues to cover the misadventures of Adrian Peterson and Roger Goodell.  How the mighty have fallen when it comes to Goodell.  Last year Sports Illustrated declared him the most powerful commis…
Spanking; Dicipline Or Abuse?
Adrian Peterson says don't blame him for the welts on his four year old son.  His defense against child abuse charges is that he was only doing what was done to him.  Then again, a lot has changed in America in the last twenty years.  The courts will decide Peterson's fate a…
Kevin Miller Tuesday Morning
Kevin Miller looks at a new report that Idaho has the rudest drivers in the country.  He takes calls on that issue and the school lunch program.
Kevin Miller looks at the ISIS/ISIL threat in the Middle East...
Kevin Miller Monday Morning
Kevin Miller and Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio examine self driving cars becoming available next year.  They also looks at the Ray Rice controversy and yesterday's NFL Games.
Kevin Miller debates Alama the Anti-Fracker about a possible 'bomb train' rolling throu…