Donald Trump, love him or not, echoes the longtime sentiment of Richard Nixon's Silent Majority.  Sure, we live in different times, but most Americans love their country and their flag.  The NFL and its players are missing the most fundamental point of Patriotism.  It's about the greater good, not your own self-interests.    Here we go again, President Trump makes a statement, and the liberal elites respond.  This reaction is the same Left-Media Industrial Complex that predicted Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide.  They were wrong then, and Roger Goodell and the NFL are mistaken again.

I thought Fox News Sunday and the other Sunday shows had replaced the NFL Preview Shows. You'd believe that the NFL is bigger than North Korea and the Obamacare challenge. The progressives were beside themselves trying to condemn Donald Trump. No one messes with the politically correct, all-powerful National Football League.

Except that the president's comments echo those of Trump America. Viewers are tired of the games highjacked by players making their social justice statements. Players are paid to perform and entertain, not remind us of their issues.

The First Amendment does not apply to the workplace. How long would any of us last at work if we decided to start a protest during the next staff meeting? The NFL itself is hypocritical as pointed out by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin this weekend.

The NFL refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor police officers slain in the line of duty. The Cowboys wanted to put a sticker on their helmets. The champions of the First Amendment, the NFL, said no. Gee, so it's okay to diss America, but not okay to honor heroes?

Trump will win on this issue, despite the reaction from the NFL, Media, and others. The first rule of business is to know your audience. Trumps knows his, sadly the NFL and cronies are losing theirs.

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