Wanna Affordable Getaway?
It's the start of the new year and most of us are back at the grindstone.  One of the many motivators to get most folks through the day is planning that next big or not so big vacation.  One airline has fired the first shots that many hope will start an air rate war that will make it …
The Most Reliable Auto Brands in Idaho
With a big Thanksgiving travel week coming up it's a good thing if we can trust our vehicles to get us where we're going, and Lexus is the brand that is least likely to strand us on the side of I-84. See where your brand lands on the reliability list.
This Age Group Spends the Most on Vacations.
It's getting close to that magical time of Summer Vacations.  Families across the country and the Treasure Valley have been saving their money, while counting down the days till it's time to getaway.  Whether it's a trip to the Oregon Coast, Seattle, Disney World, Disney Land, Lagoon, McCall, or som…