We're on summertime's front porch and for Idahoans, it's time to have some fun. Some people head out for vacation, some hit up every concert they can, and others just enjoy being out in the warm weather.

Traveler beware!

Most of us would think winter would be one of the most dangerous times for driving, right? Between the snow and the black ice, many of us would agree some people don't belong on the roads in the winter.

According to the Idaho Department of Transportation, however, the 100 deadliest days in Idaho began on Memorial Day and will go through Labor Day. As we mentioned before, there are plenty of things to do this summer but we should also keep in mind that the sun sets much later this time of year.

The Idaho Department of Transportation reports that 70 people have been killed in traffic crashes this year so far. Idaho Idaho Department of Transportation says July is the deadliest month of the 100 deadliest days.

What are people doing behind the wheel?

If you know what people were admitting to doing behind the wheel, you might consider saying a prayer and hugging your family a little tighter before getting on the road.

Seriously - people are doing some crazy stuff.

We asked people to share with us what they've seen people doing on the roads of the Treasure Valley and trust us when we say that it's terrifying.

Hopefully, people cut back on some of this behavior during the 100 deadliest days in Idaho!

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