Any lingering skepticism about the Deadwood movie coming soon to HBO is warranted. A follow-up film (or films) to HBO’s beloved Western series has been teased or rumored almost from the moment the show went off the air in 2006. That was 12 years ago! In the interim, many of the cast members got way more famous and way busier, and a few passed away. At a certain point, you had to figure it would never happen.

Then, stunningly, all the pieces came together. And as these first photos from Entertainment Weekly conclusively prove, Deadwood is really coming back.

Does Ian McShane have one of those Paul Rudd Dorian Grey pictures in his closet? How has he aged less than Timothy Olyphant? That doesn’t make any sense.

We don’t have a ton of details about the plot of the Deadwood movie except that it’s set in 1889 when “the residents of Deadwood are reunited to celebrate South Dakota's statehood.” Almost all of the surviving original cast is back, too, including Molly Parker, John Hawkes, Anna Gunn, Brad Dourif, and W. Earl Brown. And series creator David Milch returned as well to write and produce the movie (Daniel Minahan, who helmed episodes of the Deadwood series, is its director).

There’s no announced release date for the Deadwood movie yet, but expect it to air on HBO at some point in 2019. Unless this whole thing is an elaborate ruse designed to break the hearts of Deadwood fans one last time.

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