So what are we talking here... The Grayer Man?

Whatever they call it, Netflix announced today that their newly-released blockbuster The Gray Man, which premiered on the streaming service just last weekend, is doing well enough to get a sequel film and a spinoff. (In all seriousness, the whole franchise is based on a series of novels by Mark Greaney with titles like On TargetBallisticDead EyeBack BlastGunmetal Gray, and Sierra Six — so the sequel will definitely not be called The Grayer Man.)

According to the official press release, both star Ryan Gosling and directors Joe and Anthony Russo are already set to return for the sequel. They won’t reveal who or what the spinoff is about, saying only that “is set to explore a different element of The Gray Man universe.” But whoever is the star, that film will be written by Deadpool and Zombieland’s Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. If you’ve seen The Gray Man, you know there are several potential candidates for spinoffs, including Ana de Armas’ CIA agent and Dhanush, who played a mysterious and extremely moral assassin known as the Lone Wolf.

The Netflix press release also touts The Gray Man’s 91 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. (They didn’t mention its critics score which is ... not that high.) The service hasn’t released all of their viewership data for last week yet, but it seems very safe to assume that when it does, The Gray Man will be the top film of the week.

The Gray Man is now streaming on Netflix. Just the imagine the staggering number of times you could stream it while you wait for the sequel.

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