Wasn't life simpler before we became addicted to technology, especially social media? The more we are on our devices, the more opportunity for scammers to take advantage of us.

Remember when fishing/phishing didn't have a double meeting? How many security emails or workplace training programs have we all had to take in hopes of avoiding being taken advantage of? 

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Who would've thought clicking on a link, no matter how official it looks, could cause all of our personal and financial information to be at risk? Individuals aren't the only victims. How often have we read in the headlines that significant corporations are literally being held hostage by scammers who've obtained proprietary information? The thieves demand to pay in Crypto, which is untraceable.

I was surprised when I received a Facebook message claiming my professional page would be removed. Here is the message: 

Important Notification:

Your Facebook page will be permanently deleted due to a post that infringes our trademark rights. We have made this decision after careful consideration and in compliance with our intellectual property protection policies.

If you believe this is a misunderstanding, please submit a complaint requesting the restoration of this page before it is removed from Facebook.

Request for Review: (the link which you should not click)

We understand that this may impact your current business objectives. If we do not receive a complaint from you, this will be our final decision.

Thank You,

What should you do if you get this message? Don't click the link and check out Facebook's guidelines on how scammers are using Facebook to steal your info. Here's the link.

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