Kevin Miller and KIDO Talk Radio are bringing you something never-before-seen in Idaho local radio

The Kevin Miller Show podcast is now officially available on all major podcast platforms.

The Treasure Valley, and beyond, can now listen to Idaho's favorite talk radio show anywhere, any time. Find us wherever you get podcasts, subscribe, and download. You will be able to listen to the Kevin Miller Show, without those pesky commercials.

This is new, so we wanted to walk you through how it works:

Open your favorite podcast platform like the Apple podcast store, and search for the Kevin Miller Show.

Next, subscribe to the show (be sure to give us a rating!)

New episodes will automatically upload, and be available to download so you can listen to anywhere, any time regardless of service.

Maybe you just heard a great segment from Kevin and KIDO Talk Radio, and want to listen again? The Kevin Miller podcast is loaded and readily available automatically on the KIDO Talk Radio app.

Daniel Ritz

And, for those of you that love to listen on, you can of course just go to the Listen Live option at any time, and select the Kevin Miller Show tab directly next to the listen-live option.

Daniel Ritz