Idaho is a state built on agriculture. Once one travels outside the Treasure Valley, one sees massive farms and ranches. The Gem State's backbone is farming and ranching. One of those backbones could be in jeopardy thanks to a move out of Washington and laws being considered in other countries.


Who doesn't love a great steak for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Idaho produces some of America's and the world's best steaks. We see cattle along many country roads across the state. Without the ranching industry, Idaho would lose valuable lands along with a means to employ thousands. 

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The United Nations is expected to issue a report stating the dangers of continued meat consumption. Fox News is reporting that the UN's Food & Agriculture Organization will issue a report demanding folks across the country limit their meat intake. 

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The globalists say that cows produce too much methane, which they say leads to climate change, otherwise known as global warming. The same folks say nothing as China, Russia, and India continue to pollute the environment. 

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From Fox News quoting the meat grabbers:

"The failure of leading meat and dairy companies to reduce emissions underlines the urgent need for more policy focus on the food and agriculture sector," Jeremy Coller, the chair and founder of the FAIRR Initiative, an investor network that works with financial institutions to promote climate-friendly agriculture worldwide, said in a recent statement."

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Food and dairy? Idaho is one of the leaders in exporting food, meat, and dairy to the rest of the world. You might be wondering what a UN report has to do with life in Idaho. As we've seen during the Biden Administration, the president loves to issue executive orders dictating climate directives. Despite the challenges, the president has forced automakers to drive consumers toward Electric Vehicles. 

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Once this report is issued, we expect the president to do his best to create an American initiative forcing folks to eliminate eating meat. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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