A part-time professor at BYU Idaho says she has been fired for posting pro LGBT comments on her Facebook page.  The story has gained national attention based many factors.Ruthie Robertson typed an 854 word post supporting LGBT rights a few weeks ago, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.  She told the Tribune that her post contained support of same sex marriage, the rights of gay people and other issues that conflict with the church.

Robertson, who is a Mormon, didn't believe that her stance would cause her termination.  She told KIDK TV  that school officials told her to take down the post or be terminated.  True to her beliefs, she refused and was shown the door.  She reflected on her loss to the Trib.

"I was really bummed out because of how much I love my students, and how much of a change I could see in them," she said. "I was also really stressed out because it was my sole income. But at the same time, I was angry — I was upset they would fire me over something like this. I was kind of indignant. I wasn't going to back down."

The former professor has not disclosed her future plans at the time of this post.


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