Italian food, if not the most popular food in the country, has to be one of the top three food dishes that Americans look forward to eating. Who doesn't love Pizza, lasagna, or spaghetti?

Over the past several years, the Treasure Valley has benefited from a population increase. With more people moving to Idaho, more folks are opening restaurants to serve a growing population.

We had the opportunity to visit the newest Italian restaurant in Meridian. The restaurant is brand new, the staff overly friendly with exceptional service, and it has locations in Boise and Nampa.

The Olive Garden opened its newest location in Meridian on Chinden Road. Although we rarely offer reviews, let us share how incredible the experience was at a national place to eat.

Unlike the older Olive Gardens, the Meridian version is built to accommodate larger crowds and has a bigger floor plan than the Nampa and Boise locations. The folks who designed the Meridian Olive Garden astutely predicted that a larger bar and several dining rooms would be needed to service one of the country's fastest-growing populations.

Perhaps it was the new kitchen or something indescribable, but the trademark Olive Garden bread sticks tasted better in Meridian. The endless salad was fresher, and our colleagues continued to rave about the shrimp scampi several weeks after the fact.

The soups served as appetizers were spicy and delicious, and unlike other restaurants, the Olive Garden was adequately staffed with friendly and experienced servers.

Whether you live in Meridian or not, we highly suggest you take a trip to enjoy the new Olive Garden. Check out our exclusive photos below.

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