Fun fact, today is National Pasta Day! But if you're reading this on another day, it's still a perfect time to explore the 12 greatest Italian food restaurants in the Boise area. We looked into the highest rated and reviewed restaurants across Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor — and these are always at the top of the list.

We're very fortunate in the Boise area to have an array of Italian food restaurants that consistently satisfy our cravings for pasta, and maybe one of these places will even win your pick for dinner tonight?

Our state is renowned for its natural beauty and for producing potatoes etc. But Idahoans also really appreciate delicious food, and Boise has been transforming into a place that has quite the food scene!

In fact, more and more people are traveling here just for the events and unique downtown and dining experiences. Many will grumble about the growth in our area over the last few years, but maybe one good thing about it that we can all agree on is the growing food scene.

When it comes to Italian food restaurants, there's certainly no shortage here in the Treasure Valley, as the 12 options we're sharing with you today are just rated "the top 12" out of a list of many restaurants.

Keep scrolling for our list, but don't stop with just the Italian food restaurants! There's also a list of the best Mexican food restaurants, the best-rated restaurants for 2023 in our area, and much more to explore.

Top 12 Highest Rated & Reviewed Italian Restaurants in Boise

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Top 10 Highest Rated & Reviewed Mexican Restaurants in Boise

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