Meridian continues to attract more and more businesses to Idaho's second-largest city. It wasn't long ago that the town lacked well-known franchise restaurants. Meridian residents did have a few select local residents that served outstanding local food. However, if folks wanted to go to Costco or Olive Garden, they'd have to travel to Boise or Nampa.

Now that wait is over, thanks partly to the development along Chinden/Linder Road close to the Eagle border. First, there was Fred Meyer's, then WinCo, and then not one, but two car washes. If that isn't a sign of progress, we don't know what is.

Check Out The Food At The Meridian Olive Garden!

Mouth Watering Fun!

Olive Garden is one of America's favorite franchise restaurants that serves Italian food. Sources tell us that many folks within the food industry believe it will soon be that the Meridian Olive Garden will be one of the most popular locations in the country. Although new restaurants continue to be built, compared to its two neighbors, Meridian residents have limited food choices outside of the Eagle Road Corridor.

The Meridian Olive Garden has been open for just over a month to wonderful reviews. We have noticed that the area continues to develop with more restaurants and shops being built.

Everyone Loves The Olive Garden


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