Brandon Durst has lived a life in the public, and he's now trending worldwide. The West Bonner school superintendent is accused of trying to get a sweetheart deal on one of the most popular television offerings, The NFL Sunday Ticket.

The NFL Sunday Ticket is switching its distribution from Direct TV to YouTube. Superintendent Durst has been under public scrutiny since he was appointed the superintendent by the school board that Boise television station Channel Seven covered. The board is currently trying to figure out how to get the superintendent a certificate from the state required from the state.  

You can read more about that story here. Mr. Durst ran for state school superintendent in the recent Republican primary. His latest controversy doesn't involve school funding but professional football.

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As first reported by Awful Announcing, the superintendent allegedly took to social media looking for a college student to help him get a killer deal on the new NFL Sunday Ticket package.  

According to a post on X that is no longer there, according to Christa Hazel her posts have garnered worldwide attention.




Mr. Durst Says He Was Hacked!



The cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket is not cheap. Mr. Durst denies the allegations as you see in the post above.  We've heard no word from anyone on how this will impact the current situation involving the superintendent, the state, and the school board.

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