If there ever was a time to take a break from our beloved world of college football, it is now. Despite the multiple signing days, the endless trips into the transfer portal, and the escalating bidding wars within NIL, players, fans, and coaches can usually take a break before fall camp begins. 

Boise State's Blue Field Celebrating 35 years

Boise State's Blue Field

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It won't be long before the much-anticipated arrival of Phil Steele's annual prediction magazine, a staple in the college football community, hits shelves via mail and Barnes and Noble bookstores. (It's nice to see Mr. Steele is loyal to a bookstore.)

For college football writers, the off-season months of May, June, and July present a daunting task. It's a period that demands they delve deep to produce captivating content that satisfies the fans' appetite. They'll go to great lengths, even for their 'way too early' predictions. 

However, once again, America's most decorated underdog has triumphed against the odds. In other words, Boise State has once again stolen the show, showcasing their resilience and beating out bigger and more historically established college football brands. Their success is a testament to the spirit of the game. 

Thanks to the various legal settlements EAS Sports is back with their college football game titled EAS Sports College Football 25. The video game is so big the company released a trailer that has the online world buzzing in anticipation for it's July 19th release. You can read about why this game so big here. 

You may wonder what does this have to do with Boise State? The iconic blue turf created by Gene Bleymaier over thirty-five years ago is the opening scene. In other words, every college and video game fan will see Boise State's home turf before any other player or football venue. 

The marketing dollars are unthinkable for Bronco Nation. A good sign for the upcoming football season. 

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