It takes an exceptional individual to compete on the Discovery Channel Show' Naked and Afraid.' If you need to get more familiar with the concept of cable's number one show, it's straightforward. Contestants are placed in a remote area of the world, and they literally take off all their clothes to live in the wild without one tool if they're lucky. 

This Sunday, the season finale of Naked and Afraid Last One Standing will air, and Idahoan Jeff Zausch is one of the five finalists. Mr. Zausch is a multi-media star due to his many appearances on Naked and Afraid. 

How often has Mr. Zauch run around the world's most dangerous jungles, deserts, mountains, and other exotic places? He shared his televised adventures with his fans on Facebook. 

"My Naked And Afraid Journey. With more days naked in the wild than any other survivalist, my journey continues tonight! 6 different challenges, 6 different countries, 4 continents, 200+ days, and a lifetime's worth of memories. Tonight's episode will be one of the wildest yet!"

How popular is the latest version of Naked and Afraid? The Idahoan shared the success of the show on Facebook.

"LAST ONE STANDING has officially become Discovery's highest-rated show in more than two years!

A special thanks to all of the fans for tuning in each week, it's your support which allows me to continue doing what I love! 

THANK YOU to the producers and crew who had the courage and vision to create Last One Standing. It's not easy taking a brand-new concept and turning it into one of the highest rated shows on cable television, but they DID IT!"

Unlike previous seasons of the show, this year's show pits the naked survivalists against each other. Usually, the participants work together, surviving the hazards of whatever terrain for so many days in South Africa’s Oribi Gorge. Naked and Afraid Last One Standing will award the final survivalists $100,000. 

The show's first episode featured twelve of the most famous hardened survivalists on national television who've faced dangers throughout the years. Mr. Zausch exuberance made him a target as the entire group conspired against him and did their best to sabotage his efforts. 

Like every true Idahoan, Mr. Zausch believes in capitalism. When the others were mad at him for being competitive, he told them, "This is a competition, not socialism!"

The show has been renewed for next season due to this year's popularity. The show will air Sunday night at 6 pm MT. 

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