When we last heard from Idahoan Jeff Zausch, he was enjoying his climb up Mt. Everest. Click here to read about his historic climb. Not to ever take a break, the adventurous young man is returning to the television series that made him famous Naked and Afraid. 

If you're unfamiliar with the show, it airs on the Discovery Channel. The first episode features Mr. Zausch and eleven other 'Naked and Afraid' champions Sunday at 6 pm Mountain Time.

The show, despite its title and the reality, has aired for fifteen seasons. This season the last one standing will win $100,000. This year's show is titled Naked and Afraid Last One Standing. A brief preview described the season premiere as two contestants in danger preparing for a big storm. The folks have no tools or clothes in the wild featuring dangerous animals and predators.

It is up to each contestant to figure out what to eat, how to build a shelter and find their way out of some of the most dangerous conditions in the world. In a chilling preview of what to expect, the first episode is 'Making Enemies Fast Part 1.

Mr. Zausch has appeared in seven seasons of the show. In one season, the show caused him to have a record fever that could've killed him. His temperature was 105 degrees while filming 'Naked and Afraid XL. He shared the experience with the Idaho State Journal. 

"I wasn't scared. I was just determined," Zausch said. "I just said as many prayers that night as I had in the entire 60-day challenge up until that point. I was praying nonstop, asking God to help my fever. To me, ultimate failure would be tapping out of this challenge."

Despite the fever, Mr. Zausch completed the mission. Mr. Zausch did speak to the Idaho Press, predicting, "There's no trust. I went into this challenge fully committed to winning this thing for myself, to win this thing for my fellow Idahoans, and to prove that I am the greatest survivalist ever to take on 'Naked and Afraid."

We will all be tuned in to find out how this Idahoan overcomes his latest challenge on international television. 

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